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Do I have to commit to a particular schedule?
The answer is yes.  The live stream course follows our traditional classroom schedule.  Like our in-class students, live stream students must attend all of the classes in this course (15 classes total).  A camera/webcam is needed to verify attendance as well as provide interaction between instructor and student.  If a class is missed, it can be made up when the class comes back around. 

What are the class technical requirements?

Our Live Stream Course works on the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers.  Mobile browsers such as Opera and Chrome on Android are fully supported.  iOS devices are not supported at this time.  You must have a camera/webcam in order to participate in the live stream course. 

Test system:

Component Details:
WebRTC - Browser Supports WebRTC (Either 1.0 or 1.1)
Browser - Browser should be latest versions of FireFox, Chrome and Opera browsers.
Bandwidth - Low bandwidth may deteriorate audio and video capabilities. Minimum required bandwidth is 100Kbps.
Port Connectivity - Port 80/443 should be open.
Microphone - Need at least 1 microphone to participate in a live class.  Chat capabilities also available.
Camera - Need at least 1 camera to participate in a live class.


Welcome to a brand new online class experience! We are proud to be the first real estate school in Virginia approved to offer this fantastic new classroom experience.  Taking our new Live Stream Virginia Principles Course is just like being in the classroom.  We use two way streaming video to put you in a live classroom from anywhere you have an internet connection.  You can interact with our  instructor live as if you were physically in the classroom.   It's the best of both worlds:  distance learning convenience, and live class interactivity. *

Our Live Stream Course also includes our virtual classroom where you can view recordings of classroom sessions as well as take multiple practice tests.  Studying for the Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam has never been easier!

*Please note:  browser requirements below and webcam required.   Advanced School of Real Estate in Virginia Beach


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